Thursday, 12 November 2015

Golgotha Joe in Bad Company!

In Last week's BAD COMPANY - First Casualties in 2000ad , Peter Milligan, Jim McCarthy, and I introduced a new character, Golgotha Joe... one of the last survivors of the fabled 19th Division.

I based Joe on our friend and brother, Brett Ewins. Brett created Bad Company with Peter and Jim back in the 80s. it seemed like a fitting tribute he should fight alongside his team again.

I'd better go and reload and get back to the front... I hear Krool approaching!

Pvt. Rufus Dayglo
Div 1C
Ararat Ground Forces


Get to your local comics shop and order our new series ... LAST GANG IN TOWN - ISSUE #1

It's in shops Dec. 23rd...but you have to pre order... or you can do it online...

Just google Last Gang in Town DC vertigo pre order and pick a shop of your choice to order from!

Or order it digitally here! 

We really need your support on this...tell your friends... we want this to be a success!

It's the Punk Rock Heist story, with questionable dress sense, stolen guitars, flying dildos, rubber chickens, subversion, perversion, dodgy geezers, and spilt tea, and plans to bring down the whole Mad parade!!   It's the Italian Job snogging the Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle behind the bike sheds...

Thanks for your support!!
Rufus xx

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Bad Company - First Casualties.... OUT TODAY!

I'm thrilled to announce our new series BAD COMPANY - FIRST CASUALTIES is out today...

It's been a long time in the making...with an initial idea that Brett Ewins and I had over a decade ago.
Since then it morphed and evolved, and today it's out on the comics stands.

Jump on board in 2000ad prog 1950, 30 Sep. 2015.

Peter Milligan has written a kick arse adventure, with enough action for Veterans of the first Ararat war, and sharp enough for new readers to jump on board, and then go back and rediscover the incredible older series.

Thanks To Peter, Jim McCarthy, and Tharg our alien editor and his Eathlet counterpart, Matt Smith for making this series happen.
We lost Brett earlier this year... and I know he was excied about seeing his boys back in action, where they belong, causing trouble, raising a smile, and questioning authority...

This one's you you Brett.

Over the weekend I'll post up a blog with doodles and prelim art, showing the process... and evolution of the series.
Over at you can here Peter and I talk about the new series.

Fall in troopers, there's a war coming....

Rufus Dayglo,
1C Trooper in Bad Company

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Last Gang in Town from DC VERTIGO!

As announced yesterday by DC VERTIGO at SDCC,  my new series, Last Gang in Town will be starting this December, with the amazing Simon Oliver writing, and Rob Davis doing the covers!!
I’m really happy to be working on this series, about a buncha Punk Rockers in ’76 and beyond, who really do wanna create a little Anarchy in the UK.
Now, more than ever do we need that sort of anger back again…. And I want this series to have that irreverence  and two fingers up to the all the bastards who want to keep you down.
It’s our love letter to Punk, to all my amazing buddies, and to anyone who’s ever been the under dog… Our day will come!
Hope you’ll jump on board and crank up the volume with us.
Ruf, and the Last Gang in Town.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Very Nearly Almost Magazine #30

I'm featured in the new issue #30 of VNA ( Very Nearly Almost magazine )

 It's an awesome magazine about Street art, illustration art, and design. 

 In this issue there's features on FUTURA 2000 (one of the Gods of grafitti art, and designer of some of my favourite The Clash Posters!!!) and Glen E. Friedman (photographer extraordaire, who shot everyone from Black Flag, the Z Boys to Fugazi and Pubic Enemy!!!) , two of my favouritest artists!!! 
Huge thanks to Roland Henry for the great interview.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

WHITE TRASH book plate

WHITE TRASH pin up to be used as a bookplate in NZ at Arkham Comics to raise money for
Pencils and tones by me, Inks by Simon Morse
Thanks to Gordon Rennie, and of course Marty Fuckin' Emond.

You can order the new hardback collection of WHITE TRASH now at your local Comics shop.


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Munich Comic Festival 2015


I'll be at Munich Comic Festival in June with Jock, Dave McKean, Mike Perkins and a whole bunch of amazing artists, come and say hallo!!

Thanks to Steven Cook for allowing me to use his great photo of Brett Ewins on one of Tankie's 


Look forward to seeing some of you there! XXX